You are not designed for everyone to like you.
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You want community? Be community.

You want love? Be loving to others.

You want friendship? Be a friend.

You want something more? Be something more.

Sometimes the things we want most in life, start when we are the first to initiate it; so go out, and be.

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Flannels make the whole world seem cozy.
cassidysummer is a doll and my puppy is beautiful and loves her so much. 
Anonymous asked:

What is the name of the "great valley" you visited?

Cutthroat Pass :)

Anonymous asked:

Do you or Ryan drink alcohol it do you guys choose not to?

I wrote a post about this recently. I don’t have a problem with alcohol. Alcohol is never the problem, it is how you use it. Check out what I wrote below!

Anonymous asked:

Can you post the recipe for your chocolate smoothie? That sounds so yummy!

1 cup of almond milk, 2 frozen bananas, 2 tbsp of raw cocao powder, a little bit of stevia/agave nectar/or sugar if you prefer, 1 tbsp of Cashew Butter, 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil, a handful of kale, and some extra ice. Blend it up and kapow.  It’s yum. And is dairy free! :)

Anonymous asked:

you seem so healthy? what types of food do you eat in a day?

Thanks! It really all depends on the day, but I’ll just give some examples. :)

I generally make myself a chocolate smoothie (dairy free….whoop whoop…and filled with bananers, coco powder, cashew butter, kale, almond milk and some other things) in the morning. I also usually drink a bottle of water in the morning.

For lunch, it really depends if it is the weekend or not. On the weekend, Ryan and I will usually go somewhere. If it is the week, I usually will eat chicken breast with blue corn tortilla chips or cape cod chips…. and a fruit smoothie (usually strawberries, banana, almond milk, cashew butter, coconut oil, spinach). And have another bottle of water. (I do love the Frontega Chicken from Panera and get that pretty often too).

For dinner, Ryan and make food together if he is home. Usually whole grain pasta with chicken. Sometimes I’ll eat coconut milk ice cream at night or we will make another smoothie or snack on fruit. The other night I made gluten free cookies and they were so yummy!

My dad taught our family a lot about healthy eating growing up, so though I do enjoy a good ben and jerry’s now and then, I find that there are other things that taste so much better to me and are all natural and healthy. Hope this helps! :)

Anonymous asked:

Where do you like to shop for home decor/furniture? Or do you DIY? I'm moving into a new place with a clean slate and you're a style inspiration to me :)

Why thank you! I love finding inspiration at certain stores or magazines for furniture…. and then thrifting and creating the right pieces. I don’t usually purchase furniture from stores, but will usually rely on thrifting for that stuff.

That is a lot of what Ryan and I will be doing the next few months as we renovate our new home (a fifth wheel!).

Anthropologie’s home decor, ikea, and Target have a simplistic foundation with added pops of color here and there… that is the route I generally take when decorating. For our new fifth wheel that we will be moving into, I am using whites, blush, and gold as the colors of my foundational stuff. This stuff I will get through thrifting, painting, and re-creating. Then I will purchase small accents pieces (wallpaper, throws, rugs, etc) at Anthro and some other places. That keeps it costs effective for me, but also allows me to have some fun playing with different items. :) Hope that helps! 

Life is changing so much lately and the road in front of me looks even sweeter than the road behind me.


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