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What got you into depression? Do you think you will ever fully recover as to where depression is not something on your mind everyday anymore? I admire your realistic and also your positive outlook on it. Keep fighting xoxo :))

I am just an extremist and have a tendency to swing toward either side, which gives me a tendency to get depressed easier. Fortunately, I understand myself really well and have found what triggers this and what does not. Depression is not on my mind everyday. I lead a very full life and can 100% say, I am so, so happy. That doesn’t mean I can’t have days where that creeps back in, but I would say that I have overcome it, even if I will always have to fight the tendency to swing toward it every so often. People tend to think that ‘overcome’ means that I never will ever deal with it again, but that is just untrue, as we just live in a broken world where things like depression can easily creep back in. But I live with joy too, and that is what matters. :) I think, depending on who you are, it is very possible to overcome depression in this way. Some people have chemical imbalances and medication can be a way to fight it too. Other ways work for me, but medication may be what is needed if you deal with it. It is found in different degrees and everyone reacts differently to it. I would never want to give a blanket copy answer to people, as what works for me may not work for other people. But community, love, my relationship with Jesus, and slowly making choices to see the good things around me are choices that allow me to live in joy on a daily basis. :) Thank you!! <3

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my mom doesn't want me seeing this guy i like until i watch some sermon on dating. and i dont want to because i dont see how that will change my perspective on dating or this guy and its making me really frustrated. i dont know what to do.

I understand your frustration. It is okay for you and your parents to have deferring opinions on things and is very natural. Hopefully she will start to understand your perspective. But, to be honest, we have the responsibility to try and understand other people’s perspective’s too. That doesn’t mean your mom is right. But it does mean that, if you expect her to respect your perspective and at least give it a chance, you need to do the same for her. Most disagreements in the world happen because we fail to see life through another person’s eyes. Watch her video. Even if you still don’t like the video, find points in it that may apply to you. Everything has truth and everything may have something you disagree with.

After you’ve watched it, if you still disagree, that is totally okay. You can respectfully tell your mom this, but you will have earned respect from her for having an open mind and trying to see her perspective. Mutual respect is huge and goes a long way…. and it always, always, always starts with us, not the other person. People change tremendously in such a positive way when we attempt to see their point of view and respect them even if we disagree. Hope it works out, lovely friend! 

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So you just decided to study it to have a better knowledge of it? Bc I think that would be so amazing, but I always think of college as a place to study for your future not just for knowledge

Haha, I minored in it. And I really think you should always study something you love…not just to get a job in it. I also already had started Trades of Hope, so I already had the career I wanted.

Along with this, Ryan and I will probably plant a church one day, and having solid biblical knowledge will be really important to that. :)

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Why did you go to college for biblical studies?

Because I am a Jesus follower and I value the Bible tremendously. It tells the story of Jesus and how he worked through history for my good. and I believe that it is important to understand the context, culture, and history of anything you believe in. :)

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Where you from? Cause I might go to states when I am about graduate.

Was born in a town near Boston, MA. But have lived in Florida for quite some time. :)

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You seem so educated and well adapted with your life. How did you manage to become such a success? Emotionally and physically?

Haha, well thank you! That means a lot. :) Hmm, I am not sure. That is a hard question! I guess, even when life was just incredibly hard, I’ve always tried to have an attitude of thanksgiving. I’ve also always attempted to be seek love even when it hurt. My relationship with Jesus is also something I really value and I attribute any ability I have to love others to who Jesus is and what he already did for me.

I think, emotionally, these things have personally allowed me to move to a really great place in my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t still deal with yucky stuff, but I can say that if I died right now, I would be 100% incredibly joyful and pleased with my life. 

Physically? I assume you mean career wise, etc. With anything like this, I always tried to keep a love for learning alive. I really hated college (though I did make myself finish), but most of what I learned came from reading….which will literally teach you so much! I was also homeschooled, and though I think public school can be great too, I personally had the most wonderful homeschooling experience and feel that my parents were able to teach me common sense, social skills, business, and a love of learning in a unique way that I may not have had in a classroom. Traveling at a young age also allowed me to learn a lot of people stuff….like culture…empathy…history. :)

My parents and Ryan have also taught me so much and without them…I could never have done the things I’ve been blessed to do. My parents taught me that I could do anything….that with love for other people and with confidence in who I was in Christ….I had no need to fear anything. Ryan taught me a lot about sacrificial love. So I think, between them, I have learned so much about who I am and who I want to be….and I think knowing who you are, where you want to go, and how to love people while you go there can make anyone a success. :)

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Hello :) I was wondering, if you're okay with sharing, do you and Ryan plan to have children? You are so kind and I think you'd make a wonderful mother!

Thank you! :) We don’t plan on having children for quite a while. We personally have lots of things we want to experience and accomplish together and want to wait on children until after. But we do plan on kiddos one day. :)