Anonymous asked:

tell us a little thing ryan does for you that you love

most evenings before we fall asleep and most mornings as we are waking up, he rolls over, hugs me tight, and sleepily whispers into my ear that I am his hero.

I know that is silly but it is incredibly amazing to know that I can be his hero just like he is mine. He doesn’t treat me small or as a dependent on him, but every day he acknowledges how amazing I am just on my own. He believes in me so much and affirms my strength and roots for my success and thinks I am completely unbelievably great on my own. Some days I have no idea why, because I can really be not so great….but to have a man who speaks that right into my heart every day and night gives me so much joy and boldness and confidence in who I am just as Chelsie. :)

That is one of my favorite things about him. (there are thousands and thousands of other things too….he’s pretty amazing). 


oh ok
Do I really get to keep you forever?
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Do you bring Darling with you when you travel?because I haven't seen her in any pictures!

Not for the time we went to Washington. She stayed with my siblings, who adore her. We will bring her if we ever drive! :)

in the end, even though we run all over the earth enthralled with what we see, you’re the real adventure for me.
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When and where did you get married? What was the theme? I admire you.

May 27th, 2013 in North Florida. :) We liked the woods, Lord of the Rings, magical outdoorsy things, and soft colors. So we just picked from those as inspiration. Thank you so much!

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I love your tumblr. I was just wondering if all your siblings have C names and seasons as their middle names? I saw your sister's tumblr is Cassidy Summer, and you are Chelsie Autumn.

:) Not all Cs, nope. My siblings are:

Dakota Michael

Dillon Alden

Cassidy Summer

Dawson Levi

:) And me, Chelsie Autumn. ;)

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Did you and Ryan travel together on your own while you two were dating or did you go with family/friends?

Nope we didn’t travel together alone until we were married. :)

Anonymous asked:

The bigger question is how did you convince your parents to travel before you got married? My parents joke (but I'm pretty sure it's serious) that I can only travel when I have a busband, otherwise it would be dangerous.

My parent’s are pretty open to that kind of stuff, but I did always travel with people I knew. I never went off by myself, but was with my brother, friends, organizations, or schools. That adds a lot of safety. :)

Guys, @mary_irwin & @chrisirwn’s house is perfect. ❤️
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How did you make so much money in high school? (In order that you were able to travel so much)

I just worked and saved. I worked as a fitness trainer and made a $1000 over a summer training people. Then I worked part time at a real estate office. I never made a ton, but you don’t have all the expenses as a teenager that you have as an adult. So even though I didn’t make a ton, the little I made I was able to save for traveling. It was actually a lot easier than I though and I just made sure I prioritized traveling. :)