Okay my Seattle friends, Ryan and I will be at Milstead & Co in Fremont this Saturday from 10am to 11am. If you are in the Seattle area and want to pop in and say hello, we would love to meet you while we drink our coffee! :)

Anonymous asked:

Did you or Ryan go to college?

Yep, we both have four year degrees and are done with school. :) (wahooo!)

Anonymous asked:

What is trades of hope?

www.tradesofhope.com :)

Anonymous asked:

How are you always able to travel so much?

We save our money. We don’t make a ton, we just know that our priority is travel and we make sure our extra money goes there. Here’s a link to another answer to this question. :)


Anonymous asked:

What do you and Ryan do for work?

I help own and operate Trades of Hope. I am also a freelance photographer on the side. :) Ryan waits tables right now and will probably be going into ministry one day soon. <3

Leaving Spokane today and continuing our roadtripping adventure.

Headed out of Spokane and to the North Cascades tomorrow. It’s only been four days and we feel like we’ve already had so many amazing experiences….love this state and excited to spend 7 more days here!

Kari Jobe with this guy tonight in Spokane.
So many pups and apples. Darling is gonna be jealous.
Picking apples with this guy today.
Vineyards in Washington
Pulled off for lunch. Got kinda lost. Found this. (also, I think Rango may live here)
Making a fire on the beach with @chrisirwn @ryanantosthefirst @mary_irwin &#8216;cause I guess that&#8217;s the cool thing to do in the Pacific Northwest. ☺️